Friday, February 25, 2011

Snow Day

The kids missed quite a bit of school this past week due to large amounts of snow, then blowing snow, then freezing temperatures.  It was so cold that Kirk and I only lasted three runs on a bright sunny day because the cold was too much for any exposed skin.  Here is Kirk blowing off the back deck.  It was light and fluffy - too bad it was too cold to ski!

With the girls home and the weather too cold to go outside, we huddled up, turned on the fire and made bread.  I have a new favorite recipe that you can find here.  It's even 100% whole wheat. 

The girls made theirs into small cinnamon swirl loaves - which were perfect with soup for lunch.

The Modern Music Video

I don't think I've watched a music video since the early days of MTV.  Raise your hand (this will date me) if you remember Robert Plant and his plastic models swaying back and forth with their bright red lips to 'Simply Irresistable'.  That was when I was a teenager and complained that 'everyone else has MTV, why can't we?' to my parents.  (Thank for not giving in Mom & Dad!).  Since then, I'm not really up on what's been happening in the music video world.  But I did see this video that I thought was so clever that I had to pass it on.


Skiing & Friends

Presidents Weekend was complete when our good friend, Gabi, came from Spokane to ski with Hannah.  It was a fun girls day on the mountain for Hannah, Gabi, Paige and I.  The weather was chili, but the girls were good sports with the help of an early lunch and a few hot cocoa breaks.

Gabi is now part of the Schweitzer Club - having skied all but two of the lifts.  We even made it over to the t-bar.  Here are the girls on Snow Ghost, making their way to the top.

We loved skiing with your Gabi.  We hope you come again soon!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Inter-House Mail

Several months ago, Hannah came up with a clever mail service for our family.  She assigned everyone their own address, hired mail carriers and set up a delivery schedule.  Quite clever.  The girls have had fun sending notes to each other.  They especially love getting mail from Mom & Dad (mostly Dad). 

Then a month or so before Valentines Day, I found these cute little mail boxes at Target for $1 each.  I couldn't pass them up.  Hannah helped me label each one with each person's address. The Davidson Post mail service has come in particularly handy during the busy Valentine delivery season.  Hearts and notes, cards and drawings have been moving through the mail system each day.  What a clever idea Hannah!  Thank you.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentines Day

I am so glad for all of you that are so important to me. 

Huggs and Kisses. 
Happy Valentines Day!