Sunday, September 18, 2011

School Begins

School has begun.  It actually started a few weeks ago and we are getting into the groove although it has been a hard transition from a fun summer.  I just found my camera, so this post is a little delayed. None of the girls were very excited to get their picture taken.  Paige was the least excited, can you tell?

Maren is in 1st grade with Mrs. Vanhorn. Going a full day is tiring and has been a transition for her.  She likes riding the bus home with the big kids.  She reports that 'there is too much math' but likes school otherwise.  I just realized that this is the year when I will need to sit with her EVERYDAY as she sounds out each and every letter in each and every word in each and every book she brings home.  This is tough for me. I am hoping that her learning curve is short and she can be a smooth reader soon.

Paige is in 4th grade with Ms. Litven.  Her group of friends got split up this year.  She is a little sad about this, but I am hoping this will give her an opportunity to expand her pool of friends.  She is in advanced reading and math.  This is the year she gets to go skiing for one of her field trips.  I have already signed up as the parent volunteer for that one.

Hannah is in 6th grade with Mrs. Roget.  Her first pile of math homework (she is in advanced math) was more than she has ever gotten before.  I have a feeling that this is the year when she learns how to balance homework and free time.  No more finishing homework on the bus. This is her last year in grade school.  I am already nervous to send her off to Junior High next year.  Is she that old already?

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Boys Club

On our third night of our rafting trip, we had a perfect rock to jump off into the Snake River.  The boys got serious after all of the kids got their fill  and a little showing off was in order.

 A little back flip and muscle man from Kirk.
From Keith we witnessed a few twisting maneuvers.

Bruce won the silliest award with his excellent Popeye dive.

Bret showed off his running man and back flip.

Jake (aka 'the Fish') learned how to do a back flip with encouragement and pointers from the men.  Way to go Jake!

Megan finished us off with style as she performed her fashion dive.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Adventures in Rafting

We spent Labor Day weekend rafting and camping on the Lower Salmon river. It was our best trip yet with plenty of good water and weather.

Some of the highlights were having great family and friends with us, camping under the stars, (intentional) rapid swimming, rock jumping, fun camp spots, great food, perfect weather and lots and lots of swimming.

It is one of those trips where you don't want it to end as soon as it does. 

Thanks everyone for a great trip!

Maren in the drivers seat

Campground on the Snake River

Bruce cleaning up at camp.

We had the perfect rapid for swimming at our first night's camp.  Almost everyone jumped in from the oldest (Grandma) to the youngest (Neil). Hannah and Paige did a great job.   Jake and Megan were the biggest fishes and really had fun.

Paige and Hannah loved rock jumping into the Snake River on our third night.

Bruce & family, Kelli & Brandon rowing the spicy tuna.

Keith, Jenny, Drew, Neil & Grandma on the river.  We never did come up with a name as good as spicy tuna for our boat or Keith's boat.  We were referred too as the refugee boat at times because of the number of people.  But Paige insists that that name is not good enough for our boat so we will continue to search for the perfect name. 

Grandma's, Aunts, Uncles, Cousins and good friends.  Priceless!

Aren't they cute?  It doesn't look like Neil is quite ready for bed, does it?

Cousin Natalie was a favorite addition to the trip this year.

Next year Izzy will be old enough to go with us and we can have a complete family picture.