Thursday, April 17, 2014

Girls Night Out

We were lucky enough to get tickets (thanks Karie!) to the General Woman's meeting at the conference center while we were in Utah for Spring Break. We took all of the Johnson girls, wives and granddaughters.  It was great to be together with so many great women.

Cousins Tia, Natalie, Paige, Hannah & Maren: (Sadie hadn't arrived yet)

The view from the conference center was great.  The meeting was really applicable to all ages.  When Pres. Eyring ended the meeting with his talk, Maren leaned over and asked "Is it half-time yet?". When I said we had just heard the last speaker she responded, "Wow! That went fast."  A comment like that from a 9yr. old means it was a great meeting.

Hannah and Maren getting ready to take notes.

After the meeting the night was so pleasant that we wandered through Temple Square.  The gardeners had just planted pansies everywhere in preparation for conference and the air smelled amazing.  The girls were especially excited to see several cherry trees in full blossom right near the temple.


Sunday, April 13, 2014

Cooking Granny Style

While we were in Utah for spring break, my aunt Cecelia agreed to give us a cooking class.  We learned how to make all sorts of things that my Grandmother (Irene Johnson) made for us growing up.  Most of us have already mastered the art of Palacsinta - a Christmas favorite, so she moved on to Csoroge, Kolache and fried pies (Natalie's favorite).  Grandma (aka Granny) was born to Hungarian parents and raised on a farm in Texas, so the combination makes for some good food with lots of butter and plenty of cream and always contains pecans, apricots or poppy seeds.

Here's Cecelia with Natalie and Hannah.  The next generation of bakers.

Max was an excellent mixer and helper - and so cute! 

Thomas made the Kolache dough.  We hear he got a mission call to Washington State just after we left Utah, but he hasn't called to tell us about it yet... hint, hint.

Dad and Karie enjoying Csoroge.

Everyone spent some hands on time with the prep.  It was so fun to be together with everyone in the kitchen. 

My Dad and his sister Cecelia were the honored teachers.  Dad provided us with lunch (Gulgas with his fresh made bread) and Cecelia provided us with recipes and instruction.  Two very opinionated siblings.  Please don't ask them about raisins.

Here is some pecan Kolache, just about to go into the oven.  My mouth is watering!

Crepes filled with either (1) apricot, (2) pecan or (3) cheese filling.  The crepes are filled and layered in a pan.  Then cream is poured over to cover and the whole thing is baked till it's warm through.  They are a Christmas must.  As kids we ate them as dessert for Christmas eve and then again for breakfast Christmas morning.  They are so delicious and still one of my favorite desserts (especially the Pecan), but definitely not on the low calorie list.
A sweet dough filled with either (1) pecans and sugar or (2) poppy seeds and sugar.  Rolled and baked, then sliced for eating.  I have never eaten them fresh out of the oven until our cooking class.  Granny would usually bake them in the days before the holiday and bring them ready to slice.  They were always delicious but are AMAZING right out of the oven!
A sour cream dough rolled and cut into squares, then fried and sprinkled with sugar.  I like them soft, Cecelia likes them crisp.  It's a special occasion cookie.
Fried Pies
Left over pie crust dough filled with a reduced and sweetened apricot filling and baked. Cecelia said that she used to fill up the neighborhood kids with them.  I don't doubt it.  They are delicious.