Friday, August 23, 2013

Fair Time

 It's fair weekend here in Bonner County.  The girls wanted to enter some of the produce they have been growing at the farm.  Maren was super excited to get the Best of Show with her purple cabbage.


Paige won a blue ribbon for her squash and entered this vegetable creation - Granny Squash.
Hannah got a blue ribbon for her beautiful poppies (which only last a few hours in a vase - so no photo) and Izzy chose one of Kirk's sunflowers and entered it for him for a blue ribbon.
Some of the other favorites of the fair this year was Mama pig
and her 13 (yes! there were 13) piglets!

The girls loved milking the plastic cow,
but no one wanted to drink the plastic cow milk - wonder why?

Another new favorite this year... the mechanical bull.


Sunday, August 18, 2013

Summer in Utah

 The girls and I just returned from a great trip to Utah.  Bret and Elizabeth hosted all of the girl cousins (and some fun neighbor friends) for Princess Week.  Everyday we celebrated a different princess with fun activities.  Here are some highlights...

Sleeping Beauty Day was highlighted with the tea party - including dress-up, mint tea, heart sandwiches, chocolate fountain and lots of giggles.  The day ended with a sleepover in the backyard.  9 Girls and one big tent made for a memorable night.

Pocahontas Day included a float down the Bear River at Oneida Narrows.

The Little Mermaid Day started with a hike through Minnetonka Cave and ended with swimming on the north shore of Bear Lake.

We were lucky enough to find a photo of Grandma's Quilt on the way to Bear Lake.

Belle Day revolved around horse camp.  We had to detour to a local park until the wind calmed down, then the girls got to work with their favorite horses - Rufus, Sunny, Victor, Peppy and several more.  Thanks Amy for another great day with the horses!

Thanks Bret and Elizabeth for a special week of memories!