Monday, March 30, 2015

Spring Break 2015

Wow! What an amazing spring break.  One week in Southern Utah with Bret, Elizabeth and Natalie.  Hours and hours of driving, three national parks, 35 miles of hiking, gallons of water, pounds of snacks, and best of all -  miles and miles of smiles.

 Day 1

We started out big by hiking the Zion Narrows.  It was a little (actually A LOT) more crowded than we ever imagined.  But if you could look at the view and mentally edit out all of the people, it was incredible!

 Day 2

We drove 60 miles over dirt roads (the last 5 were more like rock climbing) to make it to Toroweap Look-out.  An amazing view of the Grand Canyon as far as the eye can see in both directions.  Thanks Vern and Rosemary for joining us and letting us ride in your truck those last few crazy miles!


 Day 3

Back to Zions National Park to meet Mike, Molly and kids to hike Angel's Landing.  Probably our most memorable hike of the week.  So spectacular, so high!


Day 4

Buckskin Gulch.  Miles of steep sandstone walls.  Amazing every single step.


Day 5

Zions Overlook hike and more exploring in the park.  What a beautiful place!

Day 6

Bryce National Park.  It was the end of the trip and we were about hiked out.  But we were all glad Bret talked us into hiking the full loop.  Well worth it - even on our tired legs.

Day 7

Easter Egg hunt at Grandma's!  What a treat.