Tuesday, April 12, 2011


Spring in Utah usually brings to mind white capped mountains and green valleys.  Not so this year.  The morning after we arrived, we woke to a fresh coating of snow.  It didn't stop Hannah, Paige and I from driving to Salt Lake to attend our very first live session of General Conference in the conference center.

It was a wonderful session and we had great seats.  The girls listened attentively.  Afterwards, we spent some time walking around Temple Square and taking in the sights.

While waiting for conference to start we had the opportunity to walk around the conference center, people watch and enjoy all of the beautiful artwork.  My favorite piece of art in the Conference Center (by far) is this sculpture by Kraig Varner.  Now, if I only had the $20,000 to purchase one of my own.  Too bad.


Hannah was initiated into Johnson Canasta over spring break.  As per usual beginners luck, Hannah and I (as her partner) won the game.  It probably helped that she was flanked by Uncle Bret and Grandpa who were very helpful and patient as she learned.  Wait to go Hannah!  Granny would be proud.

Baby Animal Days

Spring Break found us in Logan just in time for baby animal days at The American West Heritage Center.  We visited on just about the only sunny day in Logan that week.  There were plenty of baby animals to hold and plenty to pet.  If we lived in Logan, I'm sure we'd get a yearly family pass to the Heritage Center.  What a fun place to visit!

There were also pony rides for everyone.  Hannah was sad to realize that next year she will be too old for pony rides.  Paige wanted to know when they could take the ponies off the leads and gallop them in the field.

I loved being there with most of my siblings and their families. 
What a great way to spend a day!

Monday, April 4, 2011

Happy Birthday Izzy

Izzy turned 3 this week.  Hard to believe our baby is not a baby.  Her independence is becoming more and more apparent.  She recently informed us that she won't be using the toddler plates or silverware anymore.  And a bib is out of the question.  She dresses herself at least 10 different times each day and refuses to wear anything that I might choose.  Consequently, she ends up with some interesting outfits. Her latest fashion statement is wearing different shoes on each foot.  Her favorite color is pink. 

She's been waiting for her birthday for months and wasn't disappointed. She insisted on helping make her birthday muffins (cupcakes). At our house the birthday girl gets to choose who says all of the prayers for the day. Izzy chose herself each time.

Sunday, April 3, 2011

New Purchase

Can you guess why I am interested in purchasing these?

It's because we have just purchased this...

It's 18.6 acres of lovely pasture and forested property about 2 miles from our current home. The girls were thrilled when we took them on a tour.  They already have plans for exploring and forts and camping and more exploring.

The property has...

A hay barn, a horse barn and lots of neighbors with horses.  No, we are not getting horses so don't ask.  The are still hopeful, but they'll just have to settle for the possibility of a dog.


Two creeks with plenty of place to explore.  We found evidence of a beaver, deer, moose and elk.

A real outhouse!  We didn't check to see if it's working.  But if you come visit, you are welcome to give it a try.

And a beautiful piece of North Idaho forest.

Sometime in the future we are looking forward to building a home on the property.  For now, we'll have plenty of work cleaning up the old farmhouse and exploring.