Thursday, September 29, 2016

Under Construction

We are getting things ready to start building the new house.  First thing to go in was the well.  When looking for an appropriate location, the well guy water witched over most of the property.  He showed me several locations he thought would be good.  When he got to one particular location, he told me it was his favorite because his shoulder really hurt when he witched over it - something about feeling it in his bones.  Sure enough - it was a good one.  We hit two water lines intersecting each other.  Water jackpot!

Second thing to go in was the start of the driveway.  Here is Kirk staking it out.  Then he used the backhoe to dig out the topsoil.  Then came the road fabric.  Then came the gravel.  About 15 truckloads so far and we are just building up the base.

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